The RIGHT DOg for the right hunter

Are you uncertain any of these breeds are right for you and your family and the way you hunt. If the dog is supposed to have one task only, you might want to get a specialist instead of a generalist. If you, on the other hand have a full spectra of duties for your dog and not to forget a loving home, and you are prepared to put some work and effort into it, this could be right for you. A Drahthaar is very much a dog that needs a lot of training in order to get the best dog you can ever wish for. A Drahthaar is used for pointing on birds, retrieving, Schweiss, deer, roedeer, wild boar, etc etc. They have a lot of tasks to learn, and maybe you do to ;-) A Border Terrier on the other hand does not require much training. Easy going, and good hunters, this is a true forestdog. You can use the BT underground on badger and fox, and you can use your dog on wild boar, deer, roedeer etc. A BT bred for hunting barks on sight, and some even on track.

As you probably understand by now I sell my puppies to hunters. I have some requirements on my buyers:

For a Drahthaar:
Even if you are only interested in hunting in the forest, you really need to understand that all the training for birdwork has to be done anyway. That is the key to everything. It is the only way to have an obedient dog that will work for you, not for itself. Even if you have a black belt in this, get some help. Every dog is new. Read some good literature, join some training classes.
Have fun. Training a dog is one of the most joyable things we can do. If you are having fun, your dog will too.
Get devoted to the task. When you have a young Drahthaar you need to make priorities. Everything is about the dog for some time on. The work you do now you will get paid for later, but it can not wait.
A loving home is essential. I don´t mind kennels, my own dog are in kennels during daytime, but the kennel is not the dogs forever home. The dog is a part of the family.
Socialize your dog. Bring the dog where you go if possible.

For a Border Terrier:
Work. I only sell my BT puppies to hunters. I don´t have any opinion whether you work your dog under or above ground as long as the dog gets to work.
Love and company. Of course.
Most of the above.

Feel free to call or send me a mail if you are interested in a puppy.