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sub terram special order

Bubbles Fleret Moravia
Sub Terram Tough Shit
Petter is a small male, just over 6 kg. He is very sharp on predators, and he has a workingexam on badger. I mainly use him above ground, since that is the way I hunt nowadays. He barks on sight, and has a good search.  
He is out of Czech and Australian bloodlines, that has been proven very good.  
He has numerous championtitles from dogshows, but since I am not interested in dog shows anymore, that will be it.
SLEM-tested clear.
Mail or call +738172230 if you have a female that might be suitable and you are interested in using him.

Souvenir Fiery Lucifer

Badgerbeck Pablo
Chilli Fiery Lucifer
Sigge is an import from the wellknown Fiery Lucifer kennel in Czech Republic. On his mothers side he goes back to my own strong huntinglines, in combination with some really good CZ huntingdogs, on his fathers side it is all English. His father is used for hunting in CZ.
Sigge is a nice, funloving dog with a perfect temperament. 
He has an enourmous hunting thrive, and I have no doubt he will have a perfect career in the forest.
He has a workingexam on badger, and CAC, CACIB and BOB from dogshow.
SLEM-tested clear.
Mail or call +46738172230 if you are interested in using him.

J Sub terram it figures

e. Sub Terram Hell Breaks Loose
u. Kontura Fiery Lucifer

Scott is a great little hunter, working all kinds of game. He has excellent and ck from dogshow and a working test on badger. He is being used for work above and under ground
Owner Daniel Dahlqvist is very active with Scott in the forest.
If you are interested in this guy, you can either mail or call +46738172230

GIBCH Sub terram hat trick

e. Sub Terram Hell Breaks Loose
u. Sub Terram Bag Of Tricks

Evert is a young male with tons of hunting power. As a huntingdog he has it all; sharp on predators, works with brain and heart on wild boar, barks on sight working big game, sharp under ground, and besides all this he is a nice gentleman at home. Living with a loving family with 3 young children and a very intense mini bull terrier. Sound and healthy, of course! He is a show champion in Gibraltar with two CACIBs, and he has a working test on badger.
SLEM-tested clear.
Mail or call  +46738172230